Boycott EVERYTHING having to do with the National Football League

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  This video is the intro to our Boycott the NFL series. In it, I explain why I, and so many like me, have decided to cut ties with the National Football League. I am calling on all patriotic Americans to follow suit, and turn the channel until the NFL decides to make a moral decision and stop the protesting of our Flag, Our Soldiers on the field and our Anthem.  In upcoming videos, I will be highlighting the major advertisers with the NFL, that fund the continued disrespect of our military and our way of life and call upon you to join me in boycotting their products, brands, and services.

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This is the inaugural video log (VLOG) for this site. In it, I describe to you who I am, my background, and why I exhibit the opinions that I have. In the coming weeks, there will be many more videos coming that will highlight issues facing America, and my thoughts on them. My desire is that we as Americans can somehow start a conversation outside of the extreme left or right wing media that will have an impact on how the majority of Americans view our world today.